Thursday, 14 April 2011


I have been obsessed with food ever since....I cant even remember when. From school days, " Whats for lunch?" questions, to today when I make elaborate shopping lists, so that I can try out my newly acquired recipe. I have boxes full of cooking books, magazine, and tattered pieces recipe cutouts arranged in a file, waiting their turn to be aired and tried. My family and friends know that nothing will make me happier than to receive a new book on cakes or curries and even the sizzler plates and fondue sets. My dad-in-law brings me photocopies of recipes that he finds interesting and my hubby forwards me emails on food and buys a recipes e-book online 'just for me' :) cute nah!!

But that makes me think am I obsessed or is everyone making me obsessed, by constantly reinforcing 'FOOD' in my head.....such that my every waking hour is spent  thinking about something to eat or cook. Maybe its in my genes and I cant escape it. Also being married to a foodie whose love for good and lots of good food has turned me into a maniac cook of epic proportions.

Anyways, I can keep on ranting on why food, cooking, eating and related things have possessed my life and made me its slave. But am I the only one???

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